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  • Change engine oil & oil filter.
  • Replacement of Air filter, sparkplugs, engine belt, pulleys, tensioner
  • Brake service such as replacement of brake pads & sensor, brake disc replacement/skimming.
  • Replacement of gear oil. Gear filter and gear sump gasket
  • Flushing of dirty & contaminated brake fluids then replacement of new brake fluids & perform bleeding procedure.
  • Flushing of water coolant if necessary/top up coolant level.
  • Expertise in pull down & fixative of engine.
  • Replacement of any kind of internal component of engine cause of knocking noise.
  • Can perform correction of timing for all king of vehicle.
  • Replacement of clutch & plate for F1 gear.
  • Replacement of valve body/repairing
  • Repairing of transmission damage gear/pinion/bearing
  • Can rectify A/C problem such as not cooling. Weak cooling. Weak blowing of air, leaking.
  • Replacement of A/C compressor, alternator, battery, fuel pump.
  • Repairing/replacement of electrical component of vehicle such as suspension fault, doors lock central locking, lighting, modules, control unit.

2.Body Works

  • Denting work in all kind of cars
  • Replacement/repairing of bumpers damage
  • Alignment of doors, fenders, bonnet, rear door compartment.
  • Chassis alignment/replacement of collapsible chassis.
  • Windshield glass installation.


  • Upgrade facelift to new design.
  • Installation of body kit.

3. Painting Service

  • Carry out proper procedure of preparation prior for painting of accident repaired car.
  • Carry out painting works as per customer requirement
  • Change body color
  • Painting of brake caliper
  • Alloy rims painting
  • Body stripe/liner

full polishing/Detailing

  • Performing full polishing and interior polish
  • Engine cleaning and polishing
  • Alloy rims polishing
  • Plastic polishing
  • Rubber polishing

Performing Ceramic application

  • Body paint ceramic
  • Interior leather ceramic

Used body parts in our stock

  • Selling of body parts such as bumper, fender, doors, window glass, alloy rim, show grille, bonnet, side mirror, etc. mostly for Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Range Rover,

6.Diagnosing/trouble shooting

Engine/gear/electrical diagnose

  • Our technical staff has an expertise skilled to conduct the diagnosing/analyze the specific & precise trouble of your vehicle.
  • Our technical staffs are adapted to use our latest different scanner in different type of cars.

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